Otherworldly Evil Monarch

By Fengling Tianxia,风凌天下

Otherworldly Evil Monarch Chapter 220

Otherworldly Evil Monarch Chapter 220

Chapter 220 - A plan to make a fortune

"I believe in you, I really believe a lot in you!" Jun Mo Xie encouragingly patted on Tang Yuan's shoulder: "No matter what you do, I will support you because I believe in you! Therefore I don't need to see this, or give any opinions on it since I know that no matter what you do, people will come and buy our products!"

"Third young…..hum….." Tang Yuan was already moved to tears; in fact even his nose had started to snivel tears: "I had heard people speak about friendships to the death, but today I've understood what it really means…..this feeling of being trusted is simply amazing…. I'm so moved…. I swear that I will work as hard as it takes, and I'll work with great care, and I'll spare no effort till death puts an end to my life…. I'll be loyal and I'll do whatever it takes to make our project a true success…. I'll willingly die a thousand deaths if I cannot live up to it….."

The young master Jun had already grown accustomed to the Fatty's powerful and excessive boot-licking by now, and had in fact became immune to it. Therefore, he simply stood there smiling and nodding as he gracefully listened to this extremely nauseating boot-licking, pretending as if he was actually enjoying it.

A fat pile of flesh was constantly flattering with tears in his eyes, while the other man was peacefully smiling and listening in silence with an intoxicated look on his face - the image of this scene fell into the Solitary Falcon's line of sight, and the master simply wasn't able to stand the sight of it. His ears suddenly stiffened up in disgust, while the expression on his face clearly depicted the trauma of his mind….

"I think I'll vomit….." the pale-faced Solitary Falcon whistled out of the courtyard: "This Old Man needs to find a more appropriate place….."

He didn't even turn around to take another look back at the scene since it had already transcended the degree of disgust even a Great Master could tolerate.

"Aha!" the young master Jun narrowed his eyes, and exerted himself as he forcefully patted Tang Yuan on his shoulders once again, almost throwing the Fatty down to the ground in the process, and then arrogantly shrugged his shoulders as he laughed: "Fatty, you're really awesome! You're turning into the Solitary Falcon's nemesis ah, ha ha…."

"I, I… what did I do?" Tang Yuan blankly wiped his tears, and instead started sweating from shock and fear now upon realizing that he might have offended the Solitary Falcon somehow.

"You did well, very well! Really, really good ah!" Jun Mo Xie wantonly praised Tang Yuan since he had never expected that his biggest headache would actually leave after feeling nauseated by the Fatty's excessive flattering….

I've been trying to plant flowers for relief against the sun, but this accidental willow actually did the real trick, didn't it?

"We're going to do an exclusive auction for that fine-wine you've been drinking these days. Fatty, your first job is to use that wine of mine to make us a lot of money! Do you understand what I mean?" Jun Mo Xie raised his eyebrows as he patted the Fatty's shoulders again with a sense of joy in his heart.

"That's not an issue. Wine as good as this one is rarely ever put up for auction, and since we don't have much of it either, I believe that setting up a reserved price of even five hundred taels per jar won't be a problem." Tang Yuan stated with surety, completely aware that this price was much higher than the market price of the currently available wines.

"A reserved price of five hundred taels per jar? Was that a joke?!" Jun Mo Xie shook his head as he mercilessly rejected the idea.

"Is that too high? Although it could also be set at three hundred taels, but that price would be less for a wine of such high quality. Although I haven't done much research on wines, but the wine you've come up with is of much higher quality than the ones available in the market, and a price of three hundred taels would be a pitiful price to fetch for this wine since this wine is much, much better than the ones I'm used to drinking! The final price of this wine should be very substantial though, and I calculate it to fetch a price of around three thousand taels per jar!" Tang Yuan smacked his lips even though he sounded a bit unsure of himself.

"No! A final auction price of three thousand taels per jar? Fatty, it seems that you really haven't done much research on wines… my goal is twelve thousand taels per jar! And not a penny less!" Jun Mo Xie stuck out his finger and shook it while biting his teeth to show his seriousness.

"Balls!" Tang Yuan suddenly jumped up, and leapt almost three feet above the ground! Then, his body's fat suddenly crashed down to the ground upon his landing, and flapped a few times as it hit the ground while his belly reverberated up and down twice.

Jun Mo Xie had never seen Tang Yuan jump like this ever since he had first met him, and had hence never imagined that the Fatty could be capable of jumping three feet in the air in this manner! This Fatty is truly a peerless talent ah!

Tang Yuan's mouth made a hissing sound as he sucked in some air, feeling a bit out of breath after jumping up, while his face was twitched in pain under the impact of the collision between the ground and his body's fat. "You think that this wine is some sort of a fairyland drink, ah, just drink one cup and you live on forever? Are you joking with me Boss?! This is impossible… it is simply impossible!"

"I wasn't joking with you, and this definitely isn't a joke!" Jun Mo Xie waved his hand, smiled and then said: "That's right, twelve thousand taels per jar; yes. And I said that the reserved price would be twelve thousand…. not the final one!"

Tang Yuan was left speechlessly staring at Jun Mo Xie, seemingly ready to faint at any moment.

"Don't worry Fatty, I've developed an excellent strategy." Jun Mo Xie smiled mysteriously, turned around and then said: "I've found a good place which is located right opposite to the Magnificent Jewel Hall. Fatty, you're going to be a very big shopkeeper soon, so you better get ready for it. There is an auspicious day three days ahead, so we'll open our shop for business then!"

"That fast?!" the Fat man was a bit startled: "Third young, isn't there a brothel opposite to the Magnificent Jewel Hall? When did you commandeer that place? Isn't that place a little too… and it's opposite to the Magnificent Jewel Hall in particular….. I don't know if your Family's elders have told you, but my Family's elder, especially my Father in particular has repeatedly told me that I simply cannot go about provoking the Magnificent Jewel Hall's people….."

"You're a little too terrified, aren't you? Did you forget what we did to that Li kid?! We have plenty of tricks in our bag; you just finish the decorations." Jun Mo Xie continued in a contemptuous tone: "You'll just be a wooden club! Just make the arrangement like I've told you, and you'll be alright!"

Fatty Tang was at a loss for a while, and then he suddenly patted his thigh: "You got it Boss; there's actually no place better than the ones near the Magnificent Jewel Hall ah; I'll show them who the daddy is!"

Right after making this bold remark, the Fatty suddenly broke into tears again: "Third young… you have to help me with one more thing….."

"What happened?" Jun Mo Xie asked in a vigilant tone: "First tell me."

"My Fiancé and her Family wish to see me; in fact, the Eldest of their Family is coming to see me with her…." Tang Yuan was still stroking and comforting his belly from previously falling to the ground: "They've heard that I've been kicked out of my house, and she wishes to comfort me, but I… it is actually….."

"Your Fiancé is quite open-minded… I've really never heard of an arranged couple meeting in this manner before their wedding. This isn't a good thing Fatty…  this woman isn't working up to the expectations of the society!" Jun Mo Xie scratched his chin, and then smiled: "What help do you want from me?"

"I just want you to accompany me when I go." Fatty Tang's spirits seemed to have lifted already: "I just want you to carry me back in case I get beaten up tomorrow…. I've heard that their Eldest has quite a temper….."

"Are you joking? This is your first meet as a couple, which is equivalent to a blind-date…. So what are you pulling me along for? Why would you want the red lined-leaves to appear together with greener ones?!"

Jun Mo Xie was looking down at his chest indicatively, and so Tang Yuan also leaned in to watch: "You look at my body, and then you look my face." He said as he patted his body: "Well, do you understand?"

"Understand what?" Tang Yuan blinked his eyes, completely at a loss with regard to Jun Mo Xie's words.

"What I'm saying is obvious, but you just don't understand it. You already cut a very sorry figure, and then you wish to take me, a graceful looking handsome young man straight out of a girl's dream. Who will look at you when you're being accompanied by a man like me?" Jun Mo Xie's mouth spat out some saliva since he finished his entire sentence in one single go, focusing entirely on admiring himself while making no effort to restrain his pride either.

"Why would they look at you? You're just there to help." Tang Yuan looked at him in disdain: "And now that you've said it, how does the word 'narcissistic' sound as your new nickname?"

"Whether I'm narcissistic or not is not of importance here; the key here is that, what if your Fiancé starts to fancy me tomorrow? It really wouldn't be very alarming…. Put yourself in her shoes, what you would choose, a beautiful tree or dirty mud?" Jun Mo Xie stated as he tilted his eyebrows in a meaningful manner.

"That could happen." Tang Yuan scratched his chin in serious consideration, and started contemplating means to eliminate any possibilities of it: "Maybe you could put on some makeup again? You could paint a few pockmarks on your face, and perhaps a few scars as well! Then you won't look this handsome, right?"

Jun Mo Xie completely crumbled and then retreated in defeat: "I'll go and find Uncle so we can send out those business invitations for the start of our first business day. Don't come looking for me even if you have something important; I'll be very busy."

"Don't forget to accompany me for tomorrow's meeting ah, this is a very important thing ah!" the Hitman accelerated his pace when he heard the Fatty shouting behind him.

After departing from the young master Jun's courtyard, the Solitary Falcon went to find Jun Wu Yi to request a more appropriate training quarters, and was soon after accommodated within Jun Wu Yi's courtyard. Jun Wu Yi's temperament was far more courteous than his nephew's, and even though he was at a fairly advanced stage in his own personal training, he didn't understand many of the problems the Solitary Falcon was facing. Therefore, he decided to allow the Solitary Falcon to commandeer his courtyard and moved himself out of there.

As Jun Wu Yi moved out his training area, the Solitary Falcon took control of it, and set about to his tasks once again. He'd try to mimic the tricks Jun Mo Xie had taught him, and would then he'd sit down on the ground feeling that he'd made a mistake somewhere, and would then resolve to frowning for a little while as a result before getting back to it……

This was an obvious case of the turtledove taking control of a pigeon's nest!

However, Jun Wu Yi didn't seem to be minding it at all, and seemed very satisfied in just enjoying the autumn sunlight on the contrary when the young master Jun walked in.

"The invitations? Auspicious day for opening business?" Jun Wu Yi saw the thick pile of invitations, looked at them one by one, and couldn't help but sigh: "Mo Xie, you seem to really favor the rich and despise the poor ah. You've only included the nobility and the rich families in this, and you've completely left out any ordinary families from your list."

"Third Uncle, our auction house only has expensive items on sale, and so only the rich and wealthy would be capable of purchasing them, while the common people would actually be even afraid to enter such an expensive shop. Think about it, if one jar of wine was reserved at twelve thousand taels, then could a common person afford to drink it?"

Jun Mo Xie flapped his eyelids: "I've already included the names of every rich person in the Tian Xiang City, and I will peel off every penny from their hide this time. Although money isn't everything under the sky, but it is still an entity of significance."

A chill ran down Jun Wu Yi's spine. His own nephew's thoughts were sounding a little too crazy to him!

"Hum, Uncle, don't you worry, this is only the start! I'll let them drink all the wine they want before the auction ends, and then I won't give them anymore! Then, I'll wait till they have to go back to drinking that awful wine they had been drinking earlier, ha ha ha…. Then we'll gain a complete monopoly over the market, and we'll only sell a very limited number of wine jars in each auction…. So if they have to drink it… ha ha ha, they'll have to come up with some real money for it! And the prices of my wine will shoot sky-high! Ha ha ha…." Jun Mo Xie burst into laughter.

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