Otherworldly Evil Monarch

By Fengling Tianxia,风凌天下

Otherworldly Evil Monarch Chapter 214

Otherworldly Evil Monarch Chapter 214

Chapter 214 - Allow me to be your host for one year!

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"You should be dead!" Jun Mo Xie glared back at him: "A genius was looking after his injury, and you have the courage to ask if he's dead?"

At this moment, Hai Chen Feng calmly walked out of the medical room.

The Solitary Falcon had just opened his mouth to shout back at Jun Mo Xie, and was now left staring wide-eyed, and open-mouthed at the marvel in front of his eyes.

He was half-dead when I brought him here, and now it's barely a few hours later, and he's actually walking out like nothing ever happened? Even a miracle-doctor can't heal people that fast, right?!

This world has turned upside down, right? And I'm standing in hell today, right?

"Well?" the Solitary Falcon rubbed his eyes in disbelief: "All good? Your strength has also been restored?"

"All good!" Hai Chen Feng's sullen reply was clearly indicative of the anger within his heart: "Never better Master Falcon; the miraculous doctor has restored Chen Feng's body to normal."

"What were you trying to do? Do you know how costly your silly little trick was? Do you know how many insults I've had to bear in order to save your life? No, you have no idea!" All the anger that the Solitary Falcon had been holding inside his heart finally broke out like a volcano now that he finally had someone he could take it out on.

The composed Hai Chen Feng wasn't even able to reply back when he found his body tossed onto the ground by his master-brother, and moments later found his own body becoming the target of a rainstorm; of kicks and punches.

This maltreatment was clearly visible to the "paralyzed" Tang Yuan, who was still lying on the ground; whatever little strength his legs had mustered in this interim was lost again, and he found his body sweating even more profusely than before, while his head started to spin……

As he continued to watch this scene, Fatty Tang's facial muscles started to twist in panic…..

A while later……

"Are you guys done playing around?" Jun Mo Xie called out.

"Just a couple more, and then I'm done." The Solitary Falcon finally got up, kicked and punched Hai Cheng Feng a couple of times more, and then stepped backwards, leaving the multi-colored panda-eyed, Hai Chen Feng singing a painful opera song while rolling on the floor.

"Don't touch him again; he needs to go out in a hurry so he can do some work the master needs done." Jun Mo Xie stated in anger. Hai Chen Feng was his comrade now, and watching his own comrade being beaten up so badly wasn't a very pleasing sight to his eyes.

Hai Chen Feng had just been thrashed very badly, but he quickly climbed back onto his feet regardless of the pain, and then swiftly disappeared out of sight…..

Jun Mo Xie turned around and glanced at the Solitary Falcon, and just when he was about to say something……

"Ah!!!!" a sharp scream pierced through the courtyard, leaving them both shocked.

The little Lolita had carried a tray of tea into the courtyard, but had suddenly found something very disturbing…..

"Young master, this isn't good, this isn't good…." The young Lolita was panicking.

"What happened?"

"Young master Tang, young master Tang, he…. He fainted……" the young maid pointed towards the big piece of fat. Tang Yuan was lying paralyzed on the ground, and based on the lack of movement of his fat body one could clearly see that the man had fainted…..

"How did that happen?" Jun Mo Xie stepped forward to assess the situation since no one had any clue as to how he had fainted in the first place…..

A closer look at his face, followed by a quick reading on his pulse, and Jun Mo Xie's facial expressed suddenly became rather exciting, and therefore he quickly examined Tang Yuan's mouth and then muttered to himself: "This makes the headlines, doesn't it? He is actually sweating out of dehydration….. that's extremely rare….."

Sweating out of dehydration… Fatty is really very talented…. He'll surely lose some weight this time around…..

This was first case of this condition that Jun Mo Xie had ever seen in his two lifetimes…..

Lucky or unfortunate, but Tang Yuan would be weighing his body the next day, and would find that he had suddenly lost over ten kilograms; ten kilograms in one day could only be described as a miracle in the history of the world of 'weight-losing'!

Thanks to his recent breakthrough, the young master Jun was somehow able to carry the young master Tang up in his arms; a feat he previously wouldn't have been able to owing to the fatty's body weight.

The fatty's weight was indeed commendable, but the same couldn't be said about his courage; watching the Solitary Falcon's ruthless nature was enough to make him faint……

The young master Jun was sure that the man was in no danger whatsoever, which is why he simply opened the subconscious meatball's mouth, and poured a mixture of salt and water into his mouth. Giving this fatty something nourishing will be counter-productive, so a pinch of salt in water is the best way to go about it; it won't give his body any nourishment, but it will still have the same effect on his state!

Once he had resolved this 'dehydration crisis', he tossed the fatty's body down to the bed, and then decided to focus his attention on the Solitary Falcon instead; After all, the Solitary Falcon did have something very embarrassing and very interesting on his mind.

The Jun Family's honored guest did happen to be one of the strongest men alive, and it wasn't advisable to make a man of his status wait for too long.

Besides, a dignified master of his caliber was just about to ask a young martial artist for advice….

The world indeed was about to turn upside-down!

"Well, what else do you want?" the young master Jun already knew the answer, but he just wanted to hear the Solitary Falcon ask him for his own advice.

"Today I had the great fortune of meeting your master, ha ha, and his cultivation and skills are really superb, and his medical knowledge is simply a gift from the heavens! The Old man and I talked for a long time, and we suddenly developed the warmth of old friends; he is a very interesting man." The Solitary Falcon opened his mouth, and inhaled a huge volume of air since he managed to script a prologue worthy his worldly status.

Of course, he was completely unaware that it would only be counter-productive in front of Jun Mo Xie!

"Oh?" Jun Mo Xie used up every bit of control in his mind to prevent himself from breaking into laughter, and somehow managed to pull up a "Is that so" look on his face.

The Solitary Falcon seemed rather delighted by this, and continued in high-spirits: "We continued to talk happily, but then your master mentioned that he has you as his apprentice, and he seemed rather helpless about it since he had taught you a few "pouncing eagle" laws' strokes, and it's not yet up to the mark because of your lazy attitude. However, fortunately for him, he bumped into me today and as everyone knows that there is no one more knowledgeable than myself in "Eagle fighting" methods, and so he asked me to find you, and then help you with your training."

The Solitary Falcon's voice started growing more and more confident, and it almost felt as if he was even beginning to convince himself of his words: "Although I'm quite busy, but it's very rare to make such good friends these days, and so I reluctantly decided to agree to his request, and decided to help him in teaching you."

The young master Jun stood there with his head hung low in thought, but in reality he was just trying to muster every ounce of control in body to prevent himself from breaking into laughter, and was simply trying to focus his attention on his breathing; his right hand was placed right over his stomach to soothe the internal pain his body was suffering in order to endure these words with a straight-face on the exterior.

The Solitary Falcon's body curved into a pious posture as he waved his hand and stated in a casual tone: "Now that you're free, show me what your master has taught you so I can correct it, and then leave this city as soon as we are done. I need to return to my business as soon as possible, and I don't have much time to tarry here anyway."

"Old Falcon, that can't be right!" Jun Mo Xie opened his eye-wide and stated in an authentically surprised tone: "Just last month, my master told me that my skill set with regard to the "Pouncing Eagle", "Eagle claw", "Eagle paw", and "Eagle blade" has already reached the pinnacle of this world's knowledge and expertise, and even he doesn't have anything left to teach me in that regard, so why would he send you here? Although my innate talent is poor, but I've always been very hardworking; in fact, that's what my master fancied about me when he took me as his disciple, so why would my master tell you otherwise?"

The Solitary Falcon was just left staring blankly, completely aware that his lies had been caught, but then he suddenly glared back, and said: "Your master was probably just being humble, and I might have simply misunderstood his words as a result, but if you're a mountain of unpolished stone, then I can carve you into jade; therefore in that respect, it would be better if you allow me to help you! Don't you admit that?"

Jun Mo Xie's expression transformed to indifference: "Okay, but I no longer practice those "Eagle" laws that my master taught me nowadays since that practice will only slow down my progress, which is why my master gave me new laws to practice, and I've already started with them now! Maybe my master just pointed you towards me for the sake of medical assistance, and didn't really mean for you to assist me with my training, right? So I think I'll go and relax now, and you should also save your strength; that way we all go about our conveniences, okay?!"

The Solitary Falcon stared blankly for a long time, completely unable to find his words.

A Great Master is offering help, and this kid is actually refusing!

What wrong with the ways of the world ah? Is there no heaven anymore?

The Solitary Falcon felt as if the whole world had turned upside down all of a sudden! He could clearly recall the days of his youth, when he and his counterparts would have to struggle for lengths of time just to get a strong expert to point out their flaws, and then they would carry those word or two of advice they would receive from an expert in their hearts for a long time as treasured laws; it was time when even imagining a man of his 'current-status' to mentor young martial artists was nothing short of a laughable day-dream!

What has happened to the world ah?

Has it suddenly become fashionable to turn down a world-renowned master to teach you a trick or two these days?

"He he, in fact, the truth is as such -….." The Solitary Falcon quickly realized that he had no other option left, and hence told him the truth; almost succumbing to his demise out of sheer embarrassment in the process.

"So that's what's going on ah, you should've just said that earlier ah." Jun Mo Xie finally nodded his head in understanding, while inwardly chuckling at the same time: Did you really think it was that easy to take advantage of me, huh?

"Then can you wait for a little while? I mean, you're not busy or anything, right?" Jun Mo Xie's tone conveniently changed.

"I have time right now, so why don't we start right now?" the Solitary Falcon suddenly felt elated upon sensing a breakthrough.

"I did say that I'm free now, but I'm quite tired after that exhaustive medical task ah!" Jun Mo Xie replied: "Besides, since you and that Old guy are really good friends, then why don't you just ask him to teach you himself? Why would he send you to me? He is obviously goofing off somewhere! He is simply misusing my labor to gain a favor! This is to say that he simply just wants to use my effort and then gain some credits…. That old man is so treacherous, hmmm… I won't do it."

The Solitary Falcon just stared on dumbstruck after having his hopes crushed once again! I didn't expect that this kid would not only be a cheat, but wouldn't have any soft spots either…… now what am I supposed to do?

"I understand your difficulty, and I understand your feelings." Jun Mo Xie stated in a reasonable tone: "But you should try to see my side as well… It's in my nature to not do anything that doesn't give me any returns."

"What do you want from this kid? Just say what makes you happy, will you?" The Solitary Falcon once again found himself biting his teeth.

This kid will drive me mad in just one day!

However, just then, the Solitary Falcon's eyes popped out of their sockets…..

Because at this moment, Jun Mo Xie's right hand made an action, and even though this action seemed very simple in its make, it was a far cry from being simple in reality. The five of his fingers were bent in half, almost resembling the claws of an eagle, while his arm seemed to be changing positions from below the elbow; his wrist was bend, while his fingers looked unpredictable, and one could clearly tell that each change in his arm's movement would increase the power of this claw! However, the most bizarre thing was that: the rest of his arm above his elbow was actually completely motionless!

Even a man of the Solitary Falcon's experience and knowledge had never seen such a trick in his entire life span! However, his knowledgeable eye-sight could clearly tell the true power of this maneuver! He could clearly tell that once he was able to master his technique, then this one single technique would easily become the best this world has ever known; this one technique would easily be worthwhile of his entire trip and all the humiliation he's had to face in order to learn it!

"This is one of the 'Nine basic formations'." Jun Mo Xie smiled: "Good, right?"

The Solitary Falcon's eyes lit-up as his mind gradually comprehended the maneuver, while his heart started to revel in the aftertaste of its visual; the more he pondered over it, the better he felt, and the more his knowledge increased, but he simply couldn't help the itch to learn more, and was forced to ask the same question once again: "What do you want from me kid?"

He had asked the same question once again, but the tone was a world-apart from the previous time. Both sentences were impatient, but the current one was far more urgent than the previous one!

"I don't want anything from you in return, but I do want to give you somethings from my side." Jun Mo Xie grinned like a fox: "I will help you in improving your technique, and I will help you increasing your strength; however, you will owe me a favor. It is to be noted that you will not owe my master a favor; you will owe me a favor! They are two completely different things!"

I already owe your master, and now I also have to owe you?! I have to owe two people for one thing? The Solitary Falcon's forehead creased in anger, but then soon eased down as he realized that it would still be worth it.

"Moreover, being a great researcher yourself, I'm sure that you can understand that the study of a law as advanced as these ones, especially the more profound maneuvers cannot be done overnight, which is why I will have to ask you to stay in the Tian Xiang City for some time so we can slowly and carefully explore your skills and calculate our progress properly……" Jun Mo Xie's fingers mimicked his words with actions.

"Stop!" the Solitary Falcon cut him in between: "The first half of what you just said makes sense, but the second part was bogus. Stop beating around the bush kid, and just clearly tell me what you really want from me!"

"Allow me to be your host for one year, okay?" Jun Mo Xie's lips curved in an innocent and adorable smile: "I'm not asking too much off you, and in this one years' time, I will provide you everything, whether it is lodging, or food or wine…..I'll take care of everything." The young master Jun continued to lure the man in: "And what's even better is that I will give you all the wine you want during this one year…. for free of charge….. you can drink as much as you want without even paying me any money!"

"Even if you wish to go and have some fun in the Spirit Fog Lake, I will take care of it! I will not only pay for your fun, I'll even pick out the best delicacies for you……" the young master Jun smiled as he raised his eyebrows: "You've traveled the world, haven't you? Where else would you ever find such a great deal, huh?"

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