Otherworldly Evil Monarch

By Fengling Tianxia,风凌天下

Otherworldly Evil Monarch Chapter 206

Otherworldly Evil Monarch Chapter 206

Chapter 206 – Breakthrough


The Solitary Falcon turned around and faced the other side, and one could tell that he had no interest in turning back around either. Moreover, it seemed from facial expression that he was dying to rip open that black masked man’s head.

“That stupid bird-fighting move has brought him to such a point where he’s completely obsessed with it! He probably just goes around every day looking for shrimps he can fight with, and he thinks that it will help him in becoming a legendary master someday?”

The black masked man seemed to be thinking out loud: “It’s only a set of seventeen strokes….. and even they aren’t properly linked yet; it’s just sad ah, what a shame ah, and he actually has the nerve to call himself one of the ‘Eight Great Masters’! Someone needs to put that boy’s head in its place!”

The Solitary Falcon turned around the moment he heard these words, and looked up at the man behind that mask with a faint hint of surprise in his eyes: “You, you, what did you just say?”

“What did I just say? I said you’re doing it all wrong!” the black masked man rolled his eyes: “You think that your silly “so-called” fighting style can sum up the hundreds of different maneuvers that a bird does? You haven’t been able to figure it out completely yet and due to your lack of knowledge, that Eagle-fighting style of yours is closer to being Fly-fighting style; it’s no surprise you can’t produce any real power with it! And then, you’re actually being complacent with such a silly technique? It’s just shameful…. and plainly ridiculous!”

This time, even though the black masked man’s tone was far worse and more demeaning that it was previously, but each word that came out of his mouth drummed the Solitary Falcon’s ear and forced him to reconsider his initial judgements. As a result, instead of becoming even more rebellious this time, he felt as if someone had pulled him down from his celestial status and thrashed him to ground with a ‘thud’.

“Please advise me, Sir!” the Solitary Falcon stated respectfully. As far as he was concerned, he was able to point out my shortcomings in an instant, therefore he obviously must be someone very senior, right? He has to be someone from my senior generation ah! At this point, the Solitary Falcon suddenly put aside his personal arrogance and ego.

“First you cool down. Once I’m done saving him, I’ll take another look at your little trick, and see if it’s worth my time or not.” The black masked man stated in an indifferent tone.

“Yes.” The Solitary Falcon immediately turned around, sat down on the ground, and stated meditating.

The black masked man leisurely squatted down on the ground, comfortably hummed twice, and then once again grabbed Hai Chen Feng’s wrist.

The ‘Eighth Great Master’ ah, wow! Who can dare to teach him a fighting style? Hmmmm! I can! And once I’m done training him, I will have his respect! I’m the master Supreme! I’m the best!

The man in the black mask was obviously the young master Jun, Jun Mo Xie!

That being said, Hai Chen Feng’s injury was indeed very serious, and would be regarded as untreatable at this point in this world without advanced medicine. However, with ‘The Art of unlocking the Heaven’s fortune’ in his arsenal, it was something that Jun Mo Xie could fix since quite easily this injury wasn’t even as serious as Jun Wu Yi’s. However, because this injury was fresh, and since the man was in a critical situation at this point, the young master Jun would obviously need to be very careful.

Of course, in case this task was being undertaken by any other person apart from Jun Mo Xie, then Hai Chen Feng would surely die!

Jun Mo Xie started the Hongjun Pagoda into motion, and an awe inspiring Aura started surging through his body; then he directed this aura into his palm, and started infusing it into Hai Chen Feng’s meridians, and started repairing his broken meridians bit by bit, and then went on to renew the linkages between his Xuan Qi flow paths, and then slowly proceeded to repairing the damage inside his Dan Tian…..

Hai Chen Feng’s face, which seemed deathly pale earlier, slowly started becoming rosier in shade, while his body started to shift a bit and he started moaning aloud; initially incapable of even opening his eyes properly, Hai Chen Feng was now watching this man in behind the black veil with eyes full of gratitude.

This gratitude wasn’t entirely to thank him for saving his life, but also for insulting the Solitary Falcon, which had been rather enjoyable for Hai Chen Feng! In his almost dying moments, those insulting words were the only retribution he thought he’d ever get!

But fortunately, it wasn’t the end of his life just yet!

An awe-inspiring aura was slowly flowing through his meridians, and his entire body, which had previously lost all its functioning, now suddenly seemed replenished with energy! Hai Chen Feng was well aware that such energy wasn’t something even his own Master was capable of summoning!

This is miracle!

Hai Chen Feng’s eyes were unflinchingly watching Jun Mo Xie’s face, and slowly that expression of gratitude in his eyes started transforming into worship and adoration! Who is this man? He is such a mysterious man, but given how advanced his skills are, he must be someone exceptionally strong!

The Solitary Falcon instantly turned around the moment he heard Hai Chen Feng’s moaning, and suddenly found himself staring at the scene in shock.

His brother-disciple had blown off his Dan Tian in a suicide attack, and his injury had already reached a point where no man or medicine in the Xuan Xuan continent was capable of restoring him back to his health! However, at present the Hai Chen Feng in front of his eyes was breathing far steadier than before, and anyone could tell that even though the man’s injuries were still serious, but still posed absolutely no threat to his life anymore! Moreover, given the rate his injuries were healing at, one could estimate that he’d heal in no time as long as these ideal conditions were able to persist.

It was evident to the Solitary Falcon from the Aura which was surging in the atmosphere that this man in the black mask was someone beyond anything the Solitary Falcon had ever seen or heard off! Even though he was one of the ‘Eight Great Master’ of this world, he still couldn’t help smacking his lips: Luckily I didn’t attack him in a moment of impulse earlier; else I would’ve been lying on the ground next to Hai Chen Feng! I got really lucky this time!

Solitary Falcon, a man who had always been known to be bold and reckless, was dripping cold sweat at this time.

This is just unbelievable! Would even Yun Bei Chen be able to match up to this man’s strength?

Since this thought had already crossed his mind, the Solitary Falcon secretly started drawing a comparison between the two men, and almost exclaimed out loudly upon reach a conclusion on his analysis.

He could clearly distinguish that Yun Bei Chen’s strength, at the time when he had last seen the man several years ago was not even in the same layer at this man’s! If Yun Bei Chen’s strength was a small stream, then this black masked man’s strength was an ocean!

I reckon that even if Yun Bei Chen has progress a long way since I last saw him, he still probably hasn’t reached anywhere near this man!

Drops made of cold sweat had already started dripping down from the Solitary Falcon’s forehead by now.

The Solitary Falcon was staring in shock, while Hai Chen Feng was staring in admiration, but neither man was aware that Jun Mo Xie, the center of the interests was slowly inching closer to a personal moment of crisis.

Even though Jun Mo Xie had only intended to extract a small amount of Aura from the Hongjun Pagoda in order to heal Hai Chen Feng’s injuries, but soon enough a huge storm had started rushing through his own meridians, which soon-after was followed a loud ‘ringing’ like sound inside his head, and his mind had been sent into a state of complete chaos and confusion. Suddenly, it seemed to the young master Jun that he was stuck inside a void, and would spend the rest of his days living in vain…. And all alone!

This sudden turn of events had given rise to a strange sense of loneliness inside his mind.

Meanwhile, a huge surge of Aura had started rushing through his meridians, and it seemed that his meridians were harboring a turbulent sea of aura, with each wave stronger, fiercer, and more menacing than the previous one!

Jun Mo Xie was naturally left lamenting his luck!

I’ve been sensing and anticipating this moment for a long time, and now that it is finally happening, it is happening at the most unfortunate timing when I’m on the verge of completing a big assignment……

The situation inside his mind was becoming more and more urgent with every passing moment, while the Hongjun Pagoda had already gone berserk, and had started emitting numerous gleaming rays of light inside his brain!

A powerful suction force was pulling Jun Mo Xie’s conscious into it, and this pull was so fierce, that Jun Mo Xie could clearly sense that it was time for him to withdraw away from this place.

Hai Chen Feng was extremely surprised by this sudden surge in energy, and couldn’t help vomiting out some blood, while the Solitary Falcon was simply left dumbstruck.

Jun Mo Xie reluctantly restrained himself as he slowly stated: “I have stabilized his condition. There is no immediate threat to his life anymore, but I’ll need to put him through a number of conditioning procedures before he is completely healed. However, I have an urgent matter I need to tend to, and therefore I must leave immediately.”

“This…..” the Solitary Falcon raised his eyebrows, simply unable to guess his next step.

“Falcon, you will immediately take him to the Jun residence in the Tian Xiang City. There, you find seek out my disciple, the third master of the Jun Family, Jun Mo Xie. He will assist Hai Chen Feng in recovering from this injury; I’ve already imparted all the knowledge he needs in order to heal this man, and this task should be rather easy for him! This boy should be back to his health in a few months’ time!”

The Solitary Falcon nodded.

“As for you, I’ve passed down several styles to Jun Mo Xie, which are quite similar to the one you’re trying to make; if you want to complete your style, you must seek him out as well. Anyway, I’m not really interested in these little things anymore. However, I must warn you that his temperament isn’t as polite is this Old mans’ is, and in case you wish to learn a few moves from him, then you must be willing to endure a few insults!” Jun Mo Xie quickly finished his instructions since it felt as if the moment of a breakthrough was almost upon him!

“Remember, do not disclose the relationship between this Old man and the Jun Family to anyone!” He deliberately didn’t warn them, and just stated these final words in a normal tone since he knew that they wouldn’t dare to go against his will.

“Jun Mo Xie?” the Solitary Falcon opened his mouth and murmured, and then looked up again, but only to find that the mysterious man had already disappeared…..

“Amazing speed!” the Solitary Falcon simply couldn’t help crying out in alarm this time.

He mentioned the Jun Family before he left…. uh, I guess I’ll immediately go there.

He picked up Hai Chen Feng’s body with one hand, and stated in a grave tone: “Boy, you will not say anything about today’s matter to anyone; is that understood? If anyone finds out about this, then I will personally peel off your skin!”

Even though Hai Chen Feng’s body was still as weak as a dead man’s, he still spoke up in denial: “I won’t say one word about the mysterious Master to anyone.”

“What do you mean?” the Solitary Falcon suddenly stopped in his stead, meanwhile his long hair got caught in the wind as a result: “Are you saying that you’ll tell people about our battle?”

“I cannot be sure.” Hai Chen Feng hummed twice, and it seemed that his heart harbored infinite contempt for this so-called ‘Master-brother’ of his’. First you beat up someone so much weaker than yourself, and then you actually have the courage to ask me to keep my mouth shut about it? What happened to this courage of yours in front of that mysterious master, ah?!

“You won’t say a word about anything!” the Solitary Falcon replied back barbarically: “If you tell people that you managed to injure me, then it will arouse a lot of doubts, and if you say that I saved you after you destroyed your Dan Tian, then people will raise questions once again. Basically if anything surrounding this battle comes to light, then the senior who just saved you will be revealed to the world, and let me tell you this once and for all; even your master and I put together cannot dare to provoke that man; hum hum, you weigh the situation yourself and decide.”

When a man of the Solitary Falcon’s caliber states: “Even your master and I put together cannot dare to provoke that man”, then the extent of the shock and horror which Jun Mo Xie’s skill must have instilled in his heart becomes rather obvious!

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