Otherworldly Evil Monarch

By Fengling Tianxia,风凌天下

Otherworldly Evil Monarch Chapter 155

Otherworldly Evil Monarch Chapter 155

Chapter 155 – Challenges of the Yin Yang Escape

“You’re the vomit of your entire family!” Jun Mo Xie yelled out: “Fatty, you’ve been given shelter here by my family and me, and if you don’t work seriously in building our business empire then I’ll slice you in broad daylight! And make sure to remember these words correctly!”

“I was born to do business.” Tang Yuan lifted his fat neck off the bed with great effort, and said: “Tell me your plan; and then let’s look at its downsides, and once we’re ready, I’ll stuff all the world’s gold and silver within the embrace of your arms!”

“Our arms!” Jun Mo Xie corrected the sentence: “Either way, since you’ve put me in-charge of the money, I will not allow you to spend any money recklessly; not even if we have the biggest stack in the entire world!”

Jun Mo Xie removed a sheet of paper from his clothing as he said: “I don’t have the time to explain everything to you; this is a written account of my business plan. I don’t quite understand all the aspects of it, but since you claim to be an expert, you shouldn’t have any difficulties in understanding everything.” Then Jun Mo Xie patted Tang Yuan twice on his wounds, and waltz out of the room as Tang Yuan screamed curses.

Tang Yuan muttered to himself: “I’ve been doing business all my life, so why would you draft out a business plan and hand it over to me? I could make one even in my sleep!” he closed his eyes as he tucked Jun Mo Xie’s paper under his pillow, and then fell into a deep sleep.

Jun Mo Xie didn’t find much time to interact with Tang Yuan over the next two days since the young master Jun was extremely busy practicing the Yin Yang Escape law. Even while sleeping, walking and eating, the young master Jun wouldn’t think of anything other than the Yin Yang Escape law, the ability to vanish at any time is a very important lifesaving skill. Who could harm me if I was able to master this law? Even if a peak Supreme Xuan attacked me, then I could simply use this method to disappear…. How can someone kill something they can’t even see?

Jun Mo Xie tirelessly continued to practice the Yin Yang Escape law. In order to tune his body up for the practice, Jun Mo Xie would cleanse his entire body with Xuan Qi almost fifty times a day, and would extract more Xuan Qi again, until he was completely exhausted…..

Although the Hongjun Pagoda had a strong supply of Xuan Qi, Jun Mo Xie was still running short. The practice of this law required a massive surge of Xuan Qi, and the usual trickling from the Hongjun Pagoda was simply insufficient. Jun Mo Xie would incite the Hongjun Pagoda into supplying insane amounts of Xuan Qi, and then once he had gathered enough, he’d make the Pagoda stop, and then the cycle would return to its start…. Again and again.

Due to Jun Mo Xie’s continuous and concentrated effort, his skills had advanced quite significantly over these past two days.

But there were still a few downsides to it: he had no teacher to guide him, which meant that he was forced to rely on his own means. This was tantamount to shooting in the dark, and Jun Mo Xie’s experiments were turning out to be very painful.

At the end of the two days, Jun Mo Xie was left completely exhausted, and depressed, and even though he had tried everything he could think of, his methods had still been completely ineffective. The only effect that he had been able to witness was the look on the Lolita’s face, who was under the impression that the young master Jun had lost his mind……

“Little Ke, can you still see me?”

“Of course I can see you, what do you mean? Are you playing a joke on me?” Little Ke widened her big and round eyes and titled her head as she looked at Jun Mo Xie.

“Ah……” Jun Mo Xie resumed his research.

“……….Master, why are you walking that way?” Little Ke looked up at him.


“……Master, why are you taking your clothes off?”

“Master, your hair is so messed up now…..”


“Master, why did you bang you face into the wall? It must have hurt ah!”

…… Jun Mo Xie was forced to end his bitter wall-experiment.

“Master, you’re acting really weird today…..”

“Master, that posture is really weird……”

“Ah! Master………. Heavens, what are you trying to do………stop it….. if you hit your head against the tree, then you’ll get a headache, and then we’ll have to take you to a doctor……” The Lolita was completely terrified……

“Ahhhh!” Jun Mo Xie was going mad, “What am I missing out on? I’ve tried everything!” after trying hundreds of times, Jun Mo Xie finally sat down under the large tree in the yard. Jun Mo Xie had paid a very heavy price in the process of practicing this law, and his forehead was already exposing a lump from the time he had bumped it against the wall in the hope of getting a result……

He had been leaping up and down, falling bang and boom everywhere……

He was sitting without any clothes covering his body at the moment, and one could clearly see the blisters and bruises which covered his body……..

As for vanishing into the wind…….. Jun Mo Xie was unaware that this technique was the core law of the Yin Yang Escape……. “Damn it, what else do you want me to do now?”

“I’ve been over everything………” Jun Mo Xie sadly looked at the scars on his body, and then suddenly bowed his head, and tucked it into his thighs, and rolled onto the ground……

Little Ke was frightened at the sight of his plight!

Ever since Grandpa Jun had made his son, Jun Wu Yi the master of the house, he was rarely ever present in the house. But Little Ke was a bit afraid of Jun Wu Yi’s personality, and would try to avoid him as much as possible, which is why she went to Guan Qing Han for assistance. Once she started to cry, Guan Qing Han reluctantly came over to help.

When Guan Qing Han came over, she found Jun Mo Xie curled into a ball with his head tucked into his thighs……

He had no clothing on his body; even his buttocks were bare-naked……. His dazzling white and smooth body just lay bare on the ground…….

“What are you doing?” Guan Qing Han was a bit surprised as she coldly looked at her brother-in-law: “You like abusing people like this?” I don’t know if this guy is completely mad, or just evil…. Just look at him, he’s looking like a beggar right now!

Jun Mo Xie seemed a bit dazed as he raised his head while murmuring like a mad-man, while the veins in his eyes were red with blood. He continued to blankly stare at Guan Qing Han for a long while without making any sounds, and then suddenly her though crossed his mind, and he jumped up and banged his head against the tree, and fell right back on the ground below, and his eyes started to lose focus……

Guan Qing Han laughed at his ridiculousness: “Why would you try to stand up like that? What’s next….. this third generation heir of the Jun Family is really one of a kind.”

Jun Mo Xie’s mind was completely immersed with the study and research of the Yin Yang escape law, and he was completely indifferent to everything else in the world at the moment. Things had reached a stage where he would walk straight into a brick wall to accomplish his goals; in fact, even if he hit the wall and ended up hurting himself, he’d walk into it again until he reached his goal. What is Guan Qing Han talking about? Does she even know how beautiful she really is?!

Even though he was absurdly dedicated to his work, he still hadn’t been able obtain the desire result thus far…….

He frowned as he pondered for a while and then suddenly jumped up again, and landed shakily on his feet……

Jun Mo Xie twitched a few times, and then giggled: “I need to put more effort into this…. Then I can go and peep on my beautiful sister-in-law while she bathes……” and then he suddenly felt as if he’d faint.

The heavens know that he would have wished to vanish before saying this sentence out loud! In his state of concussion, Jun Mo Xie probably wasn’t even aware that he had uttered these words out loud……

Oh my god, oh my god, what did he say!

He wants to peep while I bathe……

Guan Qing Han’s entire body shivered with anger as she went pale!

“Miss…… he is concussed, and he’s just talking nonsense, you don’t take his words literally….. young master has changed a lot recently…….” Little Ke started to blush as she stammered while trying to defend Jun Mo Xie under the pressure of the situation.

Guan Qing Han’s anger exploded and she scolded in a cold tone: “Little Ke, you’re trying to save this monster even now?” then without saying another word, she straight away kicked Jun Mo Xie in the leg….. then she kicked him again since she hadn’t vent out her anger properly.

Jun Mo Xie was completely surprised, which clearly reflected on his face, and his face suddenly changed looks several times in an instant.

Guan Qing Han was still silent, but her eyes had started to tear; that one sentence of Jun Mo Xie’s had shamed her to the extreme! Then, she raised her hand to strike Jun Mo Xie’s face.

Jun Mo Xie stepped backwards and managed to evade her strike. His voice expressed a clear and authentic air of surprise: “Sister-in-law, what are you doing?” in this condition of pain, his instinct was prompting him to tear her into two pieces!

“You know well, you bastard!” Guan Qing Han thundered as she continued to press harder.

Jun Mo Xie calmly kept dodging her attacks: “I don’t think I offended you today, so why are you doing this?”

“You didn’t offend me?” Guan Qing Han was surprised at the shamelessness of her brother-in-law, and was even more infuriated to realize that she was unable to reach him. Then, suddenly she pulled out the knife she was wielding around her waist, and waved it towards Jun Mo Xie’s shoulder to stab him.

Jun Mo Xie was in a state of complete shock, why are you doing this? Why would you attack me with a knife? Confused, he scrambled to escape her blade. His body had already sustained hundreds of bruises, and was obviously completely exhausted. Moreover, since his Xuan Qi was completely depleted as well, it was getting extremely hard for him to dodge Guan Qing Han’s onslaught since he was unable to fight back!

Left with no other option, he made a quick decision and then quickly turned around and ran. Little Ke jumped-in to try and block Guan Qing Han, but was obviously unsuccessful…… Tang Yuan could also hear the noise, and started shouting while lying on his bed: “Kill it……..”

At this point, the gatekeeper trotted over: “Master, Lady, two adults from the southern province have arrived to pay a visit.”

Guan Qing Han made an ‘ah’ sound while her knife fell to the ground.

Jun Mo Xie crooked his nose and muttered: “Why me? And now her family has arrived at my doorstep?”

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