Otherworldly Evil Monarch

By Fengling Tianxia,风凌天下

Otherworldly Evil Monarch Chapter 116

Otherworldly Evil Monarch Chapter 116

Chapter 116 - Battling with a Sky Xuan

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This was definitely an enemy disguised as a friend!

This man was Jun Wu Yi's second cousin, so obviously the two men had shared several of their adventures in the past.

At this point, it was important for Jun Wu Yi to control his emotions, otherwise, their plans could fail.

Jun Zhan Tian glanced over at Jun Wu Yi and could tell from his expression that there was cause to worry.

"Indeed, it's been many years since we last met. Please excuse me for not being able to step outside to greet you. Please come in." Jun Wu Yi sat there motionlessly, as he greeted the man in an honest and deep tone, which sounded quite sincere and heartfelt. In a split second, Jun Wu Yi had calmed his mind down, and the tension on his face had given way to a serene and calm expression, while his eyes were splendidly concealing his true feelings. Jun Wu Yi turned to Jun Zhan Tian: "Father, you need not engage in this affair personally, I can answer for myself here…"

Jun Zhan Tian slowly, but critically, nodded.

Jun Mo Xie smiled and stood up, he gently walked over and stationed himself behind Jun Wu Yi's wheelchair: "Third Uncle, I'll keep you company."

He gently pushed the wheelchair outside the dining area. He couldn't help smiling coldly in his heart: The Magnificent Jewel Hall and Jun Family indeed have some grievances!

There were two middle-aged men standing in the courtyard, dressed in white, both men looked quite elegant by their appearance. But Jun Mo Xie could tell that even though these two men were standing shoulder to shoulder, in a similar stance, their adjacent hands were seemingly too loose for comfort….

In addition, it seemed as if both the men were watching each other from the corner of their eyes…

Jun Mo Xie immediately understood that even though the two men seemed on friendly terms by their appearance, they were on guard against each other in reality! Although these two men belonged to the same family, they weren't on harmonious terms, in fact, it appeared as if they were on the verge of killing each other!

No wonder that the bids from the Magnificent Jewel Hall were so odd the other day! It seems as if the problem lies between the two men!

"Dear Brother, several years may have gone by but you're still as graceful as ever ah." Jun Wu Yi's face seemed to be welling up in joy, but in the pretext of sad memories. One of the men smiled back, but the other simply ignored the greeting.

One of the men stepped forward, carefully examined Jun Wu Yi, and his face seemed somewhat excited to see Jun Wu Yi: "You haven't changed one bit in all these years, if the Miss knew about this then she'd certainly insist on coming here…" he stopped abruptly in the middle of the sentence, and his face revealed an apologetic smile: "Wu Yi, you've advanced from Earth Xuan to Sky Xuan in these last ten years? That is indeed very commendable."

As a matter of fact, it was rather rare to reach the Earth Xuan level at an age as young as Wu Yi's. However, instead of receding due to his disability, Jun Wu Yi had even managed to advance to the Sky Xuan level, which was even rarer. However, Jun Wu Yi was a cripple, and even his cousin couldn't overlook that fact, and was admiring him even more now.

The moment he heard the word 'Miss', a wave of sadness washed over Jun Wu Yi's face, and it took a while for the muscle spasm on his face to return to its normal state. The other white-dressed man's face suddenly became queer, while his eyes glared at Jun Wu Yi in a murderous manner.

"Jun Wu Yi, although your lower body is crippled and completely wasted, it seems that your upper body is still fully functional. Plus, you seem in a very good mood right now." The other man laughed as he verbally mocked Jun Wu Yi. This man's attitude was poles apart from his companions, and it was evident that he was a sworn enemy of Jun Wu Yi.

"Indeed, you're right about that. My Third Uncle's lower body might be useless, but I'd like to see your distinguished head ending up the same way." Jun Wu Yi hadn't responded, but Jun Mo Xie, who was standing behind his uncle, opened his mouth and said. Even though his tone was fairly normal, the man's face was now as pale and white as his clothes.

"Jun Mo Xie! You ignorant child, do not forget that I'm older than you! You need to watch your mouth and do not disrespect me again. You think that I can't slaughter you because this is your house?" The man in white looked at Jun Mo Xie with murderous intentions, while the corners skin of his eyes were already beginning to converge, as his face became a bit grim, and a bit scary.

"Ha ha, sire, right now, you're standing in the Jun courtyard, not the Magnificent Jewel Hall’s courtyard. And, standing in the Jun courtyard, you first insult a master of the Jun Family, and then you dare to threaten the young master of the Jun Family? Do you actually believe that if the young master of the Jun Family ordered it, then our men won't cut you to pieces?"

Jun Mo Xie leisurely looked at the man and watched as his expression turned even graver.

"Ha ha ha …." The man looked skywards and laughed for a while, and then he addressed Jun Wu Yi: "Jun Wu Yi, he's your nephew, so I'd really appreciate if he keeps his mouth shut, unless of course, he wants to get beheaded by my blade…. Ha ha ha ha Jun Wu Yi, and you should also tell him to not mention the strength of the Jun family again, and then he threatens to kill me? Ha ha ha ha…. His ignorance is funny, he dares to be ignorant in front of a man who is far more powerful… his attitude is admirably pathetic!"

"Xiao Han, this is indeed the Jun Family's residence, so you better watch your arrogance!" The other man in white berated furiously: "If you do not wish to stay here with me, then please leave before making any more irresponsible remarks."

"Mu Xue Tong, you say that this is Jun Family's residence?! So then, even you're not qualified to shout at me!" The white-dressed man named Xiao Han stated without looking at his companion, and was still eerily staring at Jun Wu Yi.

"Ha ha ha, this is such a funny thing about this world, so many people think that they're highly important… it's just so interesting to watch." Jun Mo Xie laughed out: "Brother, don't give yourself so much importance. Touch your conscience and ask yourself, what good would you be to your family if the Jun Family slaughtered you here today? You'd just be another dead man. Do you really believe that they would go to war with the Jun family for this?"

Jun Mo Xie continued to look at the man as he continued to mock him: "Pitiful child, let me tell you the truth; even if a man dies, the sun and the moon will still rise in the east, and set in the west. Do not take yourself too seriously, because once you neglect this point, you'll certainly suffer setbacks, and you'll end up falling a long way. This is my sincere and earnest advice, free of charge ha ha ha…. I'm nice that way!"

The man's shadow flashed, making a 'pop pop' sound.

The white-dressed man furiously rushed over and raised his hand to slap Jun Mo Xie in the face. Jun Mo Xie was in the middle of laughing but was forced to retreat to dodge the incoming strike. He slanted his body backwards but was unable to avoid the hand, which ended up hitting his shoulder. But simultaneously, he also managed to extend his elbow and raise his knee.

'Puff puff' the man uttered, as he his face went green, while his steps retreated and his body's posture became very uncomfortably unnatural. His two red eyes were flaming with rage as he continued to painfully glare at Jun Mo Xie, and it seemed that he was angry enough to swallow Jun Mo Xie alive.

Even if Jun Mo Xie was being rude, he was still younger than the man. The man only wished to teach him a lesson and hadn't intended on killing him. Therefore, the man had only attacked half-heartedly, just to put Jun Mo Xie's rude mouth in its place.

Otherwise, as an accomplished Sky Xuan expert, a young boy like him could have never matched his skill, let alone beaten him.

But the man had never expected that Jun Mo Xie's counter attack would be so sharp, quick, accurate and fierce!

The elbow had pounded the man's throat, while the knee had sharply hulled his crotch! The man had grossly underestimated his enemy, and went in completely unguarded, and had fallen prey to a crafty, precise, and well-timed counter, which he was unable to block.

Unexpectedly, this kid had torn a hole in his defense!

If he hadn't crossed into the Sky Xuan level, then these two strikes would have killed him on the spot, twice! Even in this case, the man's throat was sore with pain, while his crotch was practically scorched, so much so, that the man was unable to endure the suffering, and his exhausted body constantly exhaled in discomfort.

Xiao Han groaned furiously, while his whole body went blue with rage. He recklessly charged again to dispose of that vile youngster! Mu Xue Tong hastily darted across and blocked his companion's way, and rebuked: "Haven't you already disgraced yourself enough by attacking this young child?"

Jun Wu Yi coldly glared at Xiao Han and decided that if the man attacked Jun Mo Xie again, then he'd reveal his real strength without caring about the consequences, and would kill the man!

Xiao Han was gasping, his voice had become hoarse, it was apparent that Jun Mo Xie's two strikes had shaken him to the core: "Today you're getting away with this kid!" He stated as he stared at Jun Mo Xie: "But boy, you better start praying that I don't get my hands on you again!"

Jun Mo Xie smiled and said: "I wouldn't worry about that. But I pray that the next time we meet, no one is there to save you from me!"

"You will kill me? Ha ha ha……" Xiao Han laughed hysterically in his angered state of mind: "Never in this lifetime!"

"Is that so? How's that crotch of yours feeling, still hurting?!" Jun Mo Xie mocked coldly.

Xiao Han opened his mouth to express his anger but didn't actually say anything. Xiao Han was a Sky Xuan expert and didn't feel that he needed to bicker unnecessarily with an ordinary kid like Jun Mo Xie anymore.

He obviously knew that he hadn't applied his full strength in the attack, and not even being at Silver Xuan level, Jun Mo Xie was nothing more than an ant in his eyes. In fact, even a Jade Xuan expert was no match for a Sky Xuan master. Even a Jade Xuan level expert wouldn't be able to take his strike, and would fall to his death in no time. If a learned man had attacked his throat and crotch in this manner, then he would have been apologetic and would have been scared to death by now for the fear of the consequences; but instead of being scared, Jun Mo Xie was gloating about it!

Jun Wu Yi asked coldly: "Brother Xiao, don't tell me that you've come this far to argue with my nephew ah?" Xiao Han snorted but didn't say another word in reply.

Mu Xue Tong smiled and said: "Wu Yi, I have come to see you after ten years, and so, I've gotten you a present."

Jun Wu Yi's heart started to beat faster: "Is it from her?"

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