Otherworldly Evil Monarch

By Fengling Tianxia,风凌天下

Otherworldly Evil Monarch Chapter 97

Otherworldly Evil Monarch Chapter 97

Chapter 97: A Xuan Beast?!

Iron Winged Panther, a high grade Xuan Beast with the potential to reach rank 7 upon reaching adulthood! It could crush iron with its legs, had an excellent movement speed and had an extremely high level of intelligence! A fully grown Iron Winged Panther had enough strength to be a worthy opponent to a Sky Xuan realm expert. This Iron Winged Panther was a high level beast which had a formidable strength was enough to rival a normal rank 8 Xuan Beast! Such a high levelled Xuan Beast’s cub was really hard to find and Jun Mo Xie never thought that Dugu Xiaoyi would actually be in possession of one.

But, looking at its barely a foot long body, it was obvious that it was a new born cub of an Iron Winged Panther! The Dugu family was really a big and strong family! To have such a scarce thing being given out as a pet to their beloved daughter! And now, this little Iron Winged Panther cub was trying to climb out of Dugu Xiaoyi’s arms and was struggling to get out. A pair of dark eyes looked at Jun Mo Xie, unexpectedly with the look of desire!

“Be good Little White, do not struggle. Sister here will feed you great food…” Dugu Xiaoyi was greatly surprised. This little thing was obtained by her father through great efforts, three days ago. However, because of being separated from its mother, the Panther simply just grew weaker. It did not love and always simply rested in her arms without so much as moving about. But, how did it have such a huge reaction suddenly to the point of wanting to leave the comfort of her arms?

“So, he is called Little White eh?” Jun Mo Xie took one look, smiled and the praised, “What a cute little guy” Jun Mo Xie did not particularly love this little beast. The words spoken from his mouth were simply to maintain pretences and lacked complete interest. What he wanted to do was to find the whereabouts of those there mysterious killers and their base of operations and hideout.

As he turned to see, that little Iron Winged Panther abruptly started to shout, “grr…grr..”, it was extremely anxious and struggling unbearably. It kept trying to break free from Dugu Xiaoyi’s hold, struggling outward, its four pink paws scratching with all its effort to reach out in the direction of Jun Mo Xie, the Jun Family’s Young Master!

This little guys seems to like you.” Dugu Xiaoyi stood there staring with her big round eyes a little shocked. Since they received this little Iron Winged Panther cub, all it did was to eat and drink itself to sleep and she had not seen it behave in an affectionate manner with anyone! Today, it was the first time that it had met Jun Mo Xie, how was it so affectionate? It was strange indeed!

“But I do not like it ah…” Jun Mo Xie frowned and squinted and partly looked at the so-called ‘Rank 7 High Levelled Xuan Beast’, but unfortunately shook his head. But unfortunately, this little one is too small. Even if its size doubled, it would be barely enough to stew only a single pot! Ah…!

Dugu Xiaoyi snorted, the way Jun Mo Xie was speaking was something that she did not quite like. She hesitated for a moment, only to see that this Little White had an extreme desire to go to him. Finally she couldn’t bear it and holding the tiny body of the cub she went before Jun Mo Xie and begged, “Well, Little White really likes you. You hold it for a while now and coax it to make it happy. In return, I’ll forgive you about you commenting on my weight previously…”

As the separation between Jun Mo Xie and the cub became lesser, that little Iron Winged Panther cub looked even more excited and its mouth completely open, it was ‘whining’ with happiness. It held out its soft and tender paws towards Jun Mo Xie like how a baby would hold out its arms for an adult to pick it up. Its eyes held a complete look of longing and joy.

Hesitating for a moment, Jun Mo Xie sighed in his heart. With such an interruption, he wouldn’t be able to track the three killers but there was no way out of this. He reluctantly stretched out his hand and took the cub over.

As the Panther got into Jun Mo Xie’s arm, it gave out a very satisfied expression and stretched its legs like a king and stared around sleepily. It greedily took a few breaths of the air around Jun Mo Xie and issued and extremely satisfied growl with its pink tongue showing! It snuggled it head along Jun Mo Xie’s arm and acted as if his chest was a lovely pillow and actually went straight to sleep. Looking at its behaviour here, it seemed to have made a long term plan to live over here.

Dugu Xiaoyi who was on the side stared at Jun Mo Xie wide-eyed with her big pretty eyes! This…this…how is this possible? Little white, though small, when taken by the Dugu Family, it was handed over to me and had almost recognised me as its master, even though its specific trainer had not been recognised. Hence, it had not even bothered to give a second glance to others and Dugu Xiaoyi was the only one it would be ready to be with without any exception.

How is it that it meet Jun Mo Xie for the first time today and yet is so close? This is simply too weird, right?!

In fact, even Jun Mo Xie found this matter to be extremely puzzling and thought that there was more to this matter than that met the eye. However, he looked helpless at the little guy who had surely made his long term plan to stay at this new new home that he had found and then said smilingly, “Isn’t it that a Xuan Beast will recognise only one master during its life time and would be incomparably faithful? A rank 7 high levelled Xuan Beast? How can it be comparable to a common household puppy that is so easy to abduct? Implausible rumours ah…!”

Dug Xiaoyi blushed and felt a great sense of loss of face. She angrily stepped forward with the intent of wrenching way the little guy from the hands of Jun Mo Xie. Jun Mo Xie, this guy is simply outrageous! I do not mind about the earlier fat thing, but, he want as far as to make me feel ashamed to leave! Spiteful! Ah!


An even more unbelievable thing happened: the little guy seeing Dugu Xiaoyi stretch her arms to pick him up, actually suddenly stared at her, his eyes full of hostility, the mouth growling repeatedly. Even though it had not grown many teeth, it opened its mouth and showed a ferocious expression trying to intimidate her, while his tender little paws tightly grasped on to Jun Mo Xie’s short and actually refused to leave the stranger that it had met of the first time!

Dugu Xiaoyi cringed onto its body and tried to pull it away. Little White’s four little paws were tightly fixed on to Jun Mo Xie’s body. Even his clothes tore a bit but it was holding on to him and shouting out loudly as it was being parted away from Jun Mo Xie, one could easily see its extreme reluctance.

Dugu Xiaoyi scratched her her and looked shocked at Jun Mo Xie when suddenly a sentence came to her head which she involuntarily blurted out, “Jun Mo Xie, are you his mom…eh?

Jun Mo Xie suddenly started sweating, his forehead covered with black lines!

What kind of a darn sentence is this? I’m its mom? Would I not be a beast then?

Not to mention Dugu Xiaoyi and Tang Yuan who did not know what happened, even Jun Mo Xie himself wasn’t exactly sure, in fact the point was that, Jun Mo Xie was the master of the Exquisite Hongjun Pagoda, and the Qi that had transformed his body was not exactly of the normal kind, coupled with the fact that he was practicing the Art of Unlocking Heavens Fortune which had marvellous effects, Jun Mo Xie’s body was far better than what anyone could imagine, and between heaven and earth, it was filled with the purest essence of Qi.

These pure worldly Qi, for ordinary people and Xuan Beasts, it would generally go unnoticed, but for these High Levelled Xuan Beasts, it was one of the most important things that they needed the most to grow! Especially for this young high-end Xuan Beast, it would be the most fatal irresistible temptation!

After the great when the little guy was finally picked off from Jun Mo Xie, in his torn clothes, there actually was a big hole!

Jun Mo Xie simply ignored the little guy’s anxious growling, and brushed his clothes off before throwing it into Dugu Xiaoyi’s arms. “Here it is, back to you. I’ll give 10,000,000 to you, just to hold him properly.”

Dugu Xiaoyi hurried to catch it carefully and then rebuked him angrily, “Can you not handle him gently? What are you going to if he falls down?”

Dugu Xiaoyi held the little guy in her arms, while he was squeaking with anxiety and was struggling to get out of her grasp like his life was one the line. He kept looking towards Jun Mo Xie and even managed to improvise, his eyes actually became wet and tears seemed to roll out of his eyes. He even gave a look filled with resentment to Dugu Xiaoyi. Dugu Xiaoyi seeing this, her heart softened a bit and she felt that it was necessary to send the little guy over for some time again. Jun Mo Xie was shocked at seeing this, he hopped out of the way and stood far off, and embarrassedly said, “I’m getting late. I shall leave first.” He then shamelessly turned away.

Dugu Xiaoyi bitterly stamped her foot down and muttered a few words in anger. She suddenly turned to face the little guy in her arms before rebuking him, “I blame you! How are you so good for nothing, acting as if he is your mom or dad!”

The Iron Winged Panther opened its eyes and looked with an innocent face at her. He suddenly hung his head down and looked as if it faced a bug loss as Jun Mo Xie left. Its mouth issued a whining sound as it rubbed itself listlessly against her arms, and the little happiness that he had shown was completely gone.

“Well, well, at most only a few days and I’ll take you to him to play” Dugu Xiaoyi finally said this to cajole the little cub. The little cub’s development was still far from having the ability to understand human tongue and could naturally not understand what she was saying. Hence there was absolutely no response from it. But, Dugu Xiaoyi herself, as she uttered these words, she was thinking to herself. But, at this, her heart was suddenly feeling a hint of joy, then there was another burst of embarrassment and was not sure why that happened!

“Huh? Princess Ling Meng? She obviously came out together with me, how did she suddenly disappear?” Dugu Xiaoyi found that her sister had actually gone somewhere. She wrinkled her nose and was greatly surprised as she complained,Not letting me know and go, really…this is too much!

Jun Mo Xie with his guards, bid farewell to Tang Yuan and proceeded to walk away in the direction of the King’s house. He turned at the intersection but found himself to be facing a big sedan chair which was parked quietly over there. It was surrounded by numerous strong figures and was much powerful than the previous lineup. Standing in the front of all this was a lonely desolate figure, Ye Gu Han!

Princess Ling Meng was here, waiting for him!

“So, it is Ling Meng, Her Royal Highness in person? Even when we do not want to meet, it seems that were are predestined to meet in this life.” Jun Mo Xie was surprised and raised his eyebrows as he said these words. Listening to his glib rhetoric words, she could not help but frown.

“Jun Mo Xie, I actually came to find you for something serious.” Princess Ling Meng slowly came out of the the sedan chair. Her face was cold, and her slender eyebrows raised in disgust, and refused to look in a thousand miles radius of this despicable fellow.

I found you for something serious? You even find me for something worthless? You actually have the face to see me in this fashion and ask for something? Jun Mo Xie was sneering and enraged in his heart, but he put on a smiling face before saying, “Ah…although the princess told it is a serious thing, even if it wasn’t, I will do my best……ah…is it that the Princess finally is going begin responding to my infatuation and going to ask me to be my consort? Really, it seems that the heaven pities me and grants me things that I’d want, god is really great…” he blurted out a string of nonsense!

Ye Gu Han’s voice filled with killing intent sounded, “Bold! You dare utter such nonsense! Really presumptuous!”

“Bold, daring and presumptuous!” Jun Mo Xie shouted back, “How dare you interrupt when this Young Master is talking with this Princess when she told that she has serious business that needs to be spoken, who are you to butt in?”

Jun Mo Xie of course did not put Ye Gu Han in his eyes. He had not left much of an impression on him. It was not because of anything else, but because of how he had praised that killer with the words, “Real Man” on that particular day. Jun Mo Xie felt to use such words to describe that man was a useless thing and felt nothing but despise towards Ye Gu Han.

Listening to Jun Mo Xie talk like this in a seemingly dignified manner, Ye Gu Han was about to burst into flames of fury and was about to go on a rampage and kill this brat!

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