Otherworldly Evil Monarch

By Fengling Tianxia,风凌天下

Otherworldly Evil Monarch Chapter 88: "I Don't Have The Herb, You Have It!"

Otherworldly Evil Monarch Chapter 88: "I Don't Have The Herb, You Have It!"

"I am just a step away from my goal now!" Jun Wu Yi could feel his heart beating faster with excitement.

"I can't delay any further!"

Jun Mo Xie stood up and headed off for Tang Yuan immediately. He was afraid that clumsy Fatty Tang might damage the herb if he were to delay any further. It would cost the Jun Family a lot of time and money if he had to personally search for the rare herb again, not to mention the mental turmoil and painstaking effort required to find it. Hence, the longer the delay, the higher chance of the troubles he had to face.

Sitting in a sedan, Jun Mo Xie stretched and laid down. The sedan gradually approached the Tang Residence. When he came to the gate, he was greeted by the sight of a large round meatball-shaped person walking out from within the residence. Donned in a skin-colored gown, Tang Yuan, the Tang Family's young master, was truly dressed in a unique fashion today. Had the gown been smaller by several inches, he would have been easily mistaken as a meatball and be served on the dinner table!

"Brother, what brings you here today? Have you fully recovered from your injuries yet? You were probably too bored and that's why you came over wanting to play with me, right?" Tang Yuan asked with a pleased look painted on his face. He sounded a little concerned, but his actions and words suggested sheer joy and sincerity!

"I am here to visit you," Jun Mo Xie peered out of his sedan window and continued, "Why, are you going somewhere else?"

"Yes! I'm going to the Magnificent Jewel Hall to bid for some items! There are actually some good items on display today. Grandfather asked me to get one of those items." Tang Yuan reached into his robes and pulled out a large stack of money, waving it in the air. He laughed heartily, his face resembling the shape of a Buddha. "This time around, I am being asked to spend. Look! Such a huge stack of money. After getting the item Grandfather requested for, there would certainly be a large amount remaining for me to spend on. Jun Mo Xie, shall we go to the Thousand Gold Hall to play a few games afterward?"

"You won't use your wife as the mortgage again, right?" Jun Mo Xie asked jokingly.

"Hey, Jun Mo Xie, if you are my brother, don't mention such things again." Tang Yuan's large white face grew dark in annoyance. "I was set up by others back then! If the game had been played under normal circumstances, I would already be known as the legendary Gambling God!"

"I would rather believe in ghosts than to take in the words coming out from that broken mouth of yours!" Jun Mo Xie snorted. The next moment, Jun Mo Xie turned serious again. Ignoring the pitiful look that appeared on Tang Yuan, Jun Mo Xie said directly, "Don't rush off so soon eagerly. I have something important to ask you today."

"What's the matter? Tell me all your worries!" Tang Yuan asked as he watched Jun Mo Xie earnestly.

"I heard that you bought three strands of Nine Leaf Grass from Jin Xiang Trading Company. I need the Nine Leaf Grass very urgently as it is needed to cure my injury. Hand it over to me now!" Jun Mo Xie demanded boldly from Tang Yuan.

"Who did you hear this from? I feel maligned! I have always been disgusted by those leaf, grass or herb-related items! Don't you know that?" Tang Yuan said vehemently, his face flushing red. "Since when have I bought this herb? Be it Nine Leaf Grass or Seven Leaf Grass, I simply have no clue about it!"

Jun Mo Xie's heart sank and continued to challenge his friend, "Tang Yuan, you have no clue about it? I came all the way here to ask you and yet you tell me you have no clue about it? Do you still want your priced jade and sword back? I shall throw them into the sewage pit the moment I get back!"

"But I really don't know what it is!" Tang Yuan jumped in place anxiously. "Brother, how would I dare to lie to you? If anyone dares to cheat you, they must be the stupidest and most foolish person ever...Oh? Jin Xiang Trading Company?"

All of a sudden, Fatty Tang's eyes widened and he cried out, "Oh my goodness! Jun Mo Xie, did you just mention Jin Xiang Trading Company?"

"You are not deaf, are you?" Jun Mo Xie snapped as he glared at Fatty Tang, wondering what he was up to again, even though Fatty Tang did not seem to be fooling with him.

"That is one of the businesses owned by my family!" Tang Yuan said, his cheeks puffed up and his eyes widened even more. "I have only bought herbs once in my entire life, and it was bought for you! Just five days ago, I went to our very own Jin Xiang Trading Company drugstore to search for it, before sending it to the Jun Residence…"

Tang Yuan continued, "And coincidentally, a new batch of stocks arrived at the store that day. I had no clue what those goods were, but according to the manager, those were high-quality goods. So I simply bought all of those products, stuffed them into crates, and sent them all to your place. If you're telling me that I actually bought this Nine Something Leaf, it would probably be in your house right now."

"Huh?" Upon hearing this, Jun Mo Xie's jaws dropped. "Didn't you send some Hundred Jin Hoist or something that day?"

"Brother, this isn't your fault. You are probably feeling very confused right now, aren't you?" Tang Yuan blinked and continued, "I sent you a lot of goods that day. In fact, the items were separated into two layers. The first layer contains traditional herbs such as ginseng, angelica and poria, and all of them were fresh and high-quality ones! Beneath them were all the genuinely good stuff! Before I could explain anything, I was chased out by your grandfather. I was even worried that these herbs may spoil because no one bothered to take a look at them. Brother, these are some valuable goods! I would not afford to give anyone else but you!"

After he finished, Fatty Tang concluded, "Therefore, I don't have the herb, you have it!"

Jun Mo Xie was so shocked that he almost fell right off the sedan. He paused for a long while before stammering, "I...have it?"

Suddenly, Jun Mo Xie was no longer interested in pursuing Tang Yuan. He wanted to get home as soon as possible to verify Tang Yuan's words. If the herbs really did spoil just like Tang Yuan had described, it would be too unfortunate! This Fatty Tang was sure causing much trouble!

Tang Yuan pulled a long face and asked, "What is with all this anxiety? You've only just recovered from your injuries. It's such a rare opportunity for you to be out. Let's go to the Magnificent Jewel Hall together. I heard that they have a lot of good things on auction today! We can go bid on all the good stuff together!" Fatty then pulled out a sheet of paper and flipped through the lists of items. Pointing at the contents, he squealed excitedly, "Look here! Jade ornaments, jade glass flowers, seabed jade coral…they are all rare and valuable goods!

"I don't have time to play with you!" Jun Mo Xie withdrew into his sedan chair. But as he said those words, he turned back and watched Tang Yuan indecisively, and suddenly changed his mind. "Sure! Let's just take a look! We shall both catch some good deals together!"

Jun Mo Xie then ordered one of his guards to head home immediately to request Jun Wu Yi to empty those two crates of items and carefully organize all of them. At the same time, he instructed the guard to bring more money for him to spend at the Magnificent Jewel Hall.

Jun Mo Xie sudden change of mind was due to him spotting a particular item on Tang Yuan's list of items: Blazing Heart Meridian!

"Holy! I can't believe I am so lucky! It all came too easily!" Jun Mo Xie was so excited that he could hardly contain himself.

The Magnificent Jewel Hall.

It was a place which could bring hysteria to almost all of Tian Xiang Empire's richest nobles, and one which provided goods with quality worthy enough for their tastes.

This was the largest auction house in Tian Xiang Empire, but it was more than just a simple auction house.

Apart from finding the best treasures in the entire empire, it also offered almost any other item anyone needed. Whatever treasure one could think of, it would certainly be there!

As long as one had sufficient money, one could even control ghosts or speak to gods!

These statements, regardless of the past or present, would always hold true!

Food, drinks, entertainment, lethal weapons, robbing tools, beasts' hides, power strengthening pills, powerful magic instruments, high-quality decorations and even male and female slaves...

It was simply too plentiful and abundant! A cornucopia of goods which offered only the unimaginable, and nothing unattainable!

Regardless of how luxurious and wealthy one's life used to be, one would realize how lacking it was upon entering the Magnificent Jewel Hall! One would realize that there were actually so many things that they had yet to try! And one would realize that their spiritual and material life had been extremely inadequate!

Hence, no ordinary person would ever walk out of Magnificent Jewel Hall without spending all the money in his pockets!

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