Otherworldly Evil Monarch

By Fengling Tianxia,风凌天下

Otherworldly Evil Monarch Chapter 83

Otherworldly Evil Monarch Chapter 83

Grandpa Jun had a delightful expression spread across his face. He put his hands behind his back as he slowly walked outside of the room. However, as soon as Grandpa Jun stepped outside the room, his face became completely tranquil and if one closely observed, they would even see a hint of melancholy hidden deep within his eyes.


As the servants of the Jun household observed their Master leave the room, they made multiple inferences from Grandpa Jun’s saddened face. They thought,Third Young Master’s recovery is probably out of question! Even if that’s not the case, he would probably be nothing more than a cripple. If not, why would Master Jun’s face be as black as the bottom of the Jun family’s cooking pot?


Tang Yuan returned home and slowly told all the details from his trip to visit Jun Mo Xie to his Grandpa. Grandpa Tang sighed heavily when he heard what had happened to Jun Mo Xie from his grandson and thought, The Jun family was once a mighty family! They were filled to the brim with mighty warriors and brave generals. A family such as theirs, which had once bathed in luxury and prosperity can now only lead the life of mere commoners. It is disappointing to see a great family such as theirs to fall to this state.


As Tang Yuan finished telling his story, he hesitatingly and slowly recounted the incident where Grandpa Jun suddenly became extremely angry at him seemingly out of nowhere. Hearing this, even Grandpa Tang burst out in anger. He exclaimed, “You idiot! You have not even the slightest idea what kind of a bastard that Li Shang is! If it wasn’t for Jun Zhan Tian breaking his dantian and crippling his cultivation that year…ugh…damn it! Get lost! Disappear from my sight at this very instant!”


Tang Yuan realised that his carefully honed bootlicking skills would be of no more use and would only cause him further troubles. So, in order to avoid getting beaten up, he covered his head and sneaked away like a rat!
[TL:  ???? is an idiom meaning, to cover one’s head and sneak away like a rat]


In less than a day, the news about the Third Young Master of the Jun family had been spread throughout the capital!


Some time ago, there had already been several rumours spreading throughout the capital. These rumours were, of course, about the useless debauchee, Jun Mo Xie, the Jun family’s Young Master. There were speculations about him changing his wayward ways at home and starting to hone his martial skills. But this news was too shocking for most of the leaders of other families to bear. Many even launched secret investigations to verify these rumours and find out the extent of truth behind these words and if they were just baseless or if they could actually hold some ground. The actions of those leaders weren’t because of the fear that Jun Mo Xie was formidable or that he could actually pose a threat to them.


After all, what was Jun Mo Xie? He was nothing but a teenager who had yet to have his hair grow out. Not only that, he also had an extremely weak Xuan Qi cultivation level. What actually terrified them was that the once mighty and powerful Jun family could possibly rise up in power once again as they would finally have a capable and brilliant younger generation who could be a suitable successor. What they were worried about was precisely this prospective future. 


Today, this news with “heavy grief” that had been passed about throughout the capital had a lot of people sigh with relief and it even turned into a joke. It became a prominent conversation within all the major families about how a debauchee had attempted to turn into the prodigal son and repented on going astray and falling off the right path etc.. Then, when he started to seriously train, it led to many injuries because of overexertion, and in the end, he had became nothing more than a cripple! Even the worthless cultivation base that he once had  wasn’t present as well! So, he had even lost the pitiful worth that he had had once had before. In this world, would there be any other story which could possibly be more hilarious than this? Wasn’t this simply too comical?
[Editor: I know one that’s better. Why should you never mess with a MC? Cause karma’s a huge bitch and plot armor. Now, tell me readers, is there a story more comical than this.?]


As for the credibility of the news, this time, no one was really suspicious about it being fabricated. The reason for this was due to the fact that the news was directly passed on from two really credible sources and it would be quite impossible to influence both of them to tell the same tale!


First, there was Jun Mo Xie’s die-hard friend, Tang Yuan. Since he was there to personally to witness the medical examination, his painful tale of his dear friend becoming a cripple was quite credible. The second, who was much more reliable and trustworthy than Tang Yuan, was the Imperial Doctor, Fang, himself. If the “Death Warding Fang” himself had proclaimed that it was a terrible situation with no possible hope for recovery, then there truly would be no one under the heavens that would ever be able to cure the worthless debauchee, Jun Mo Xie. This was the belief that everyone had.


Who would dare to doubt it now? People who still continued to be suspicious in spite of all this are simply fools who don’t wish to believe the truth and just make things difficult for themselves. Almost everyone among the nobility had once suffered from some injury or ailment. They obviously knew about the amazing knowledge and prowess of Doctor Fang and his ability to recuperate and bring people back to their prime state. If one had an excellent relationship with Doctor Fang, then, in times of need, his support and knowledge in medicine would be akin to having a second life!


If anyone actually dared to say out loud, “I doubt the diagnosis made by Doctor Fang”, then it wouldn’t even take half a day for him to completely drown in people’s spittle.


In fact, the notion of trickery or fraud being involved was also completely discarded by these people. They knew that it would be impossible for even Grandpa Jun or the Emperor himself to be able to fool Doctor Fang, let alone this worthless debauchee Jun Mo Xie who had such an insignificant cultivation level.


“I never expected that the matter with Jun Mo Xie would take such a weird course of events. Something just doesn’t seem to be quite right!” In the residence of Grand Preceptor Li, Li Youran stood there looking tall and handsome. Looking at the three sitting in front of him, he wrinkled his eyebrows and said, “Li Feng, are you absolutely sure that this news delivered by Doctor Fang is true?”


“I am absolutely certain of it” A hoarse voice resounded within the residence and Grand Preceptor Li Shang walked in into the room bringing along with him a heavy presence. Looking at his grandsons, Li Shang’s face was completely filled with pleasure and happiness. Jun Zhan Tian, you old man! Even if you are strong, so what? What could you alone possibly ever achieve? The fact that your Jun family is going to go down the drain is already set in stone and even the mighty gods themselves would not be able to help you. You want Jun Mo Xie to participate in the imperial court politics as a civil servant? Even if we ignore his past as a debauchee, do you think that I would ever give him a chance to rise up in the ranks? You of all people should know that most of the people from the Imperial Civil services are a part of my faction and are completely under my supervision. It will only be a few years before it completely falls under my control!


Li Youran let out a happy laugh and said, “Since Grandpa is so sure about this matter, the Jun family no longer poses a threat to us. They don’t even have the qualifications to oppose us in the future anymore.”


Li Shang nodded in agreement, but said in a vigilant tone, “However, that’s still the future. For now, we still can’t provoke Jun Zhan Tian or else that old man would really go crazy and begin a killing spree!” He gave a meaningful glance to Li Youran.


Li Youran had been publicly slapped, kicked and insulted by Jun Zhan Tian. Although others may not know about it, Li Shang knew how vindictive in nature his grandson was! Li Youran would never talk about it nor show anger or displeasure on his face, he would keep it deep within his heart. He would never refuse to give up and put the matter aside, so if he was given the slightest opportunity, he would surely attempt to take revenge! Li Shang knew this and hence had warned Li Youran so as to persuade him to scrap the idea of taking revenge at this point.


After all, looking at the country as a whole and the current situation, General Jun Zhan Tian was someone who no would ever dare to provoke as he was already pushed to point until he was akin to a half-crazed lion! Also, it was especially true now since he also had the protection of His Majesty The Emperor. Along with that fact, last night, the rampage that Jun Zhan Tian had caused managed to reveal his true, hidden strength, which was very surprising. Faced with such domineering strength, any family that dared to face him head on would be completely beaten down to the point of death! Even if it was some of the weaker ones among the Major families, to exterminate them completely and decimate their bloodline was not a difficult thing for Jun Zhan Tian! He was someone who one should absolutely never mess with.


Li Youran burst into a smile and said, “Grandfather, you worry too much. I’m not crazy enough to commit such reckless actions. But, to have some fun with Jun Mo Xie wouldn’t be too much of a problem now, would it? People who’ve lost their cultivation are destined to indulge in wine and women. As for the matters between us juniors, presumably, Grandfather and Old Man Jun shouldn’t care too much about it, right?”


Li Shang smiled with a hint of coldness reflecting within his eyes and said, “Just don’t go too far.”



Within the Imperial Palace, His Majesty The Emperor leaned upon the throne, comfortably being propped up by a cushion. His face completely calm, he looked at the man standing in front of him. This man had an extremely respective posture and was bowing his head down slightly. This was none other than Fang Hui Sheng, the Imperial Doctor.


After a long moment of silence, the Emperor finally spoke, “Hmm…is it true that Jun Mo Xie became a cripple?”


“Yes, Your Highness. It is my diagnosis based on my profound experiences from my entire life. It is absolutely not wrong!” Doctor Fang said with confidence. Stroking his long beard as if out of habit he continued, “Jun Mo Xie has always been naughty by nature and used to misbehave and run amok within the streets of the Capital. But, if he was to truly become a gentleman and traverse the correct path in life, then it would truly be a blessing for the people of the Capital.”


“A blessing for the people? Hahaha…” His Majesty The Emperor broke out in a mild laughter and slightly closed his eyes.


“With your Highness’ permission, this old man shall take his leave.” Doctor Fang bowed down ceremoniously towards the The Emperor before leaving the Imperial Palace.


After the doctor’s exit, the Emperor’s mouth revealed a hint of a smile hidden deep within it. He was feeling extremely comfortable and at ease…


After Jun Zhan Tian was given a holiday for three months, in the eyes of an outsider, it would seem that there had been a huge change in Grandpa Jun’s personality. After the events of that night, he had seemed to be quite disheartened and filled with sorrow. There occured series of events had left all the people in Capital completely baffled. Even His Majesty The Emperor had specifically sent someone to express his condolences to Grandpa Jun.


The baffling events which unfolded were as follows:


One day, Grandpa Jun walked out of his room and suddenly furiously began to shout, “From where the hell did so many trees come up around here? I, your father, am going to completely cut you down! I’m feeling cold here and I can’t even see the damn sun! Cut down all those trees!”


Thus, the order came and an area encompassing the Jun residence for about five to six li in circumference became completely barren! It was as nude as a baby and not even a blade of grass could even be seen within this area.


In addition, looking at the protective walls of the Jun residence, he became furious and shouted, “These damn fences are way too short! Can’t any thief can come and go unobstructed in my residence? Even old grannies would be able to climb over this fence!” So, by making his men continuously work around the clock and even during the night, the originally twenty-foot high fence was increased to double its length. Moreover, no one knew where Grandpa Jun got these eccentric ideas from, but he also ordered that the top of the walls were to be filled with over a meter of dense, thorny plants. Now, even a bird might not have the courage to step onto the top of this monstrously fortified fence!
[TL: Damn you Jun Xie! Are we going to see more of your contraptions using modern knowledge?]


Also, it seemed as if Grandpa Jun was developing a growing dislike for his grandson or he was extremely addicted to construction projects during this time. He even separated his courtyard into two smaller courtyards and were surrounded by the same high walls on all sides. Jun Mo Xie was confined to one of these halves. As for the adjacent courtyard, the left was for Jun Wu Yi and the right courtyard was reserved for Guan Qing Han.


Both these courtyards were useless and were simply wasting space! They covered up over half the area of the Jun Residence. The other half was occupied by Grandpa Jun, who would live alone. From time to time, one would be able to hear the sounds of things being smashed around and the sound would spread throughout the Jun Residence. Hence, all the servants in the house would do their tasks very quietly and even while walking, they would be afraid to speak too loudly. No one wanted to incur the wrath of this Old Man!

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