It's Okay, I'll Take Care of You Chapter 1-6

It's Okay, I'll Take Care of You Chapter 1-6

Title: It’s Okay, I’ll Take Care of You (没关系,我养你)

Author: 半纸清骨

CP: Weed x Little Corn

Translator: Polarbearadise

Editor: Mosstree

(T/N: This was a birthday present for my dear proofreader. I decided to upload it to share with you guys)


The little corn was very worried: I’m so delicate, how am I going to survive ah~

The weed comforted: It’s okay, I’ll take care of you

The little corn glanced at the weed:……No comments.

Although the little corn ignored the weed, yet in the end, only the weed pampers it and regards it as everything.

Little Corn: I will reluctantly agree to let you take care of me, you have to take a good care of me!

Weed: En, en (≧▽≦)

Chapter 1 – Sprouting

As soon as the rainy season was over, the farmers began to sow good crops in the field, carrying the hoe on their shoulder and singing children song as they returned home, their loud and clear singing voices echoed in the field.

A few days later, the crops began to bud. Corn was planted on one side near the stalk and peanuts on the other.

When all the crops were sprouting and growing, with green and tender leaves, the little corn holding its breath only then sprouted.

The weed on the ridge that grew taller than it, he smiled and said: Hey, are you a crop?

The little corn pouted: What if I am? I’m just growing a little bit slower!

After finishing speaking, it rolled its leaves, drooping, with a look of mental distress.

The weed touched the little corn with its rough leaves: angry?

Little corn: no.

Little corn: I’m originally fragile, and have to grow on the ridge of the field, where soil quality is bad, how can I be like that group of corn growing together!

Weed: My little corn is the strongest, can sprout even on the ridge.

But inside ridiculed: A corn like you doesn’t grow in the field, but grow up on the ridge of the field, robbing the nutrition and water of our weeds isn’t it? With a look of pride……

(T/N: 吐嘈 (Roast) – in a casual way, nothing serious)

Chapter 2 – Flood

The weather was unusual this year, and when the shower first came, the weeds thought that it would suddenly come and go as in the past, it has never occurred to them that the heavy rain poured down day and night and then night and day, the water in the field can’t be exhausted at all. The crops were dying because of the flood, the farmers watched helplessly, anxious, but couldn’t do anything about it. The village next door had been flooded, fortunately, the height of this village was higher than that of the village next door.

The heavy rain was still falling, hitting the leaves, making rattling noises.

The water accumulated in the field also diffused over the ridges, the entire body of little corn was flooded in the water, its very small leaves floating in the water sank as the rain fell.

The small corn cried breathlessly: Being planted on the ridge of the field, I will let it go, but why do I still have to encounter the rare rainstorm, who did I provoke! …… Huhu~ Can I just grow up safe and sound!

The weed beside him, worried, although his whole plant didn’t sink in the water like a little corn, he wasn’t any much better, he could only show his head.

The weed struggled to stretch out its leaves in the water, trying to touch the corn, comforting him by saying: Be good, if you drown, I will accompany you.

The little corn cried and hiccup: You’re cursing me to die ah! Hu hu, you villain! You weeds are not a good thing!

Weed: I……I…… Just want to comfort you……Don’t cry ah……

The little corn caught the sight of the leaves of the weed swaying in the water and carefully touched it: Hiccup~Are you kidding me……that group of corn all ignore me, you are better, you also comfort me…….Hiccup~ how can I be angry with you!

The weed bubbled up in the water, happy and said: Hehe, I thought you were really angry.

A few days later, the flood receded and a lot of crops had survived, the farmer uncle’s hanging heart relaxed a little, at least not without a single grain to reap.

The little corn was still small, and the weed was still a little taller than the little corn.

Chapter 3 – That tall and handsome corn

As time went on, the crops grew and the weeds grew, but the little corn was always so small but has grown a little taller.

The little corn looked with envy at the corn with the strongest growth and the tallest in the center of the cornfield: Look at the tallest corn! That corn is my male god! Look! How tall! How cool! How handsome!

Weed was jealous: taller than me, cooler than me, more handsome than me?

The little corn’s eyes were of a love-struck fool: it’s much taller than you, much cooler and much more handsome!

The corn in the middle of the cornfield stretched out, and sure enough, it was much taller than the weed.

Weed: *whimper*

The weed wanted to squat in the corner and draw a circle to curse that big corn.

Chapter 4 – That group of brainless fans

It was sunny after a rainstorm, but it was always sunny.

The scorching sun was burning the crops and the corn was wilting.

The little corn was contently swaying its tiny leaves in the shadow of weed.

The tall and handsome corn in the middle of the field was unhappy.

In the scorching sun, the sprinkle of sunlight seemed to carry fire, it burned its leaves and loses much of its moisture contents.

The more the tall and handsome corn thought about it, the more distress it was, thinking about it for a moment he then whimpered and start sobbing spasmodically.

The surrounding corn comforting it:

Male god, male god, don’t cry, don’t cry~

The tall and handsome corn: Huhu, the sun is burning me up~ T_T

The surrounding corn: Male god we will bear the pain with you~


Little corn:……

Little corn: I didn’t expect the corn that looks tall and handsome is actually such a wimp……

Little corn: Whimpering like a girl!

Little corn: Why should I think of him as my male god?!

The little corn looked scornfully at the corns around the big corn, humphed: A bunch of brainless fans.

Chapter 5 – Why don’t I produce corn

The autumn wind was cool, blowing the leaves that fell on the ground and also the golden yellow field.

Farmer uncle was chopping beans and corn, harvesting sorghum, and pulling out peanuts, the field was hot and lively.

Little corn sniffled: why don’t I grow corn? ……

Little corn felt wronged: why I am not tall? ……

The little corn cried out to the point of feeling a pain in the chest when breathing: Hu hu hu hu

Weed:……Don’t cry.

Weed: You should think of it like this, although they’re corn, they’re all chop down. You’re still alive

——What’s with this inexplicable feeling of happiness?

Weed secretly felt good.

Little corn: The meaning of a corn’s life is to produce fruit, give the farmer uncle an increased harvest, hu hu hu, why am I fruitless……

Grass:…… Maybe you have……

Little corn:……?

Grass: ……Genetic mutation……?

The little corn cried even louder.

Chapter 6 – Corn and weed became human

The weed that grew around the young corn was an anomaly.

The life of weeds was the same as that of crops when crops mature, weeds wither.

But the weeds beside the little corn had already lived two summers, spring, summer, autumn and winter. It was the third year of its life with the little corn.

Maybe it’s because of the weed being around, the little corn never grew big or produced corn. It seemed that because of this, the little corn had become like the weed, able to endure the spring, summer, autumn, and winter without dying.

At first, the little corn still felt sorry for itself for being fruitless, but then slowly began to get over it.

Everything around it, the crops and weeds, changed in waves every half year except the weed beside him.

Little corn: thank you for accompanying me.

Weed:……Don’t mention it.

It’s I who should thank you, it’s really nice to have you around.

The sun rises and sets, the flower blooms, swallow come and go, time is passing. Don’t know when the old farmers in the fields changed into young people, don’t know when the blue sea turned into mulberry fields.

The little corn stared at its own appearance.

“……This is?”

Wearing a cyan shirt, black hair scattered at the waist, young fair and delicate face carried tenderness, its black eyes were as clear as water.


The man on the other side curved his lips and smiled, the gentleness in his eyes was endless.

The eyes of the youth suddenly brightened like the stars in the night sky.

“I finally see you again!”

That disobedient weed left without waiting for it to cultivate into a human form, in these past few years, it felt wrong, resentful, angry, in the end, it still missed getting the upper hand.

“I miss you so much, don’t ever leave me alone, ok?”

The young man pitiful appearance caused the other to feel tenderness toward him.

“I won’t, I won’t.”

He felt a slight pain in his heart and held the boy in his arms, gently whispering to him: “I will always accompany you, as the blue sea turned into mulberry fields, will never leave or forsake.”

-The End-

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