Phoenix Reborn: The Peerless Fourth Lady Chapter 9

Phoenix Reborn: The Peerless Fourth Lady Chapter 9

   Chapter 9 The Bastard Child of Su Residence

When Murong Jingxuan returned to his room, he listlessly sat down on stool. A man dressed in black walked out, "Master, you've returned?"

"Fengshuang, go investigate what has happened in the Su residence in the recent years." Murong Jingxuan coldly looked to Fengshuang.

At this moment Murong Jingxuan had a stern air about him, that appearance was greatly different from when he was picking on Qingyan, "Most importantly I want to know any matters that's related to Su Qingyan."

Listening to Murong Jingxuan's orders, Fengshuang replied, "I understand"

"That reminds me, tomorrow let Fengqing go protect Qingyan." Murong Jingxuan said coldly.

"But Fengqing is master's strongest secret guard, it's even difficult for us to match up to his martial art skills. If he goes to protect the Su's fourth miss, then what will master do?" Fengqing faced Murong Jingxuan with a serious look.

"No matter." Murong Jingxuan replied, unconcerned, "Plus, do you really think that, that fourth young miss is an ordinary lady?" he dully added as he drank the tea.

I wasn't like Murong Jingxuan had never seen what Su Qingyan was like in the past. The Su Qingyan of the past was either stupid and foolish or rude and unruly. Her affairs were the laughing stock of every noble and wealthy children in the capital. And her drastic change was a bit beyond his expectation.

Fengshuang knew that his master was always very accurate in judging people. As his subordinates, even towards matters with Diqiu*, they knew a thing or two. That goes without saying that they about matters regarding that Su Qingyao, because of her actions, she was furthermore the joke that people tell over leisure teatime.

(*TN: Name of country or kingdom I believe)

"Master, when did you become so concerned with Su fourth lady's affairs." Fengshuang looked to Murong Jingxuan still with a serious face.

"Naturally because I think she'll be my future bride." Murong Jingxuan met with Fengshuang's eyes and returned to his carefree nature, "If you all don't establish a good relationship with the future princess consort, don't blame me when times comes and I turn the other way."

"Master!" Fengshuang urgently yelled.

Although his master has undoubtedly reached the marriageable age, and there were many women around him, not a single one could win his heart. Yet unexpectedly, he was currently concerned with the General House's fourth lady.

"That's right." Looking to Fengshuang, Murong Jingxuang said with a serious look, "Dispatch some people to watch over the Su residence, according to that cutie, I anticipate that someone is preparing to do something to her."

"Understood" Saying this Fengshuang disappeared.

Murong Jingxuan looked out to the night sky as he twisted the jade ring on his thumb. His lips curled open.

There were still many days to come, he still had time to wait for her to recover her memory.

After Qingyan finished her morning grooming, she took Zizhu and Baizhi with her and headed to Meixiangyuan to eat together with Su Jiashi again. However, today the third house's concubine-born Su Qingcong was also accompanying the old madam for breakfast. Before, she had heard from the old madam that the third house's concubine Deng Yan was a first rate beauty, not only that but she was also Su Yan's Jieyu* flower.

(*TN: This isn't a real flower, not that I know of, but it refers to a woman that is not only beautiful but also understanding. The phrase originates from an historical anecdote regarding one of the famous ancient Chinese beauties Yang Guifei.)

"Yan'er, you came!" As soon as Su Jiashi saw Qingyan she called out with a warm smile. She took Su Qingcong into her arms, "This is your Deng Yiniang's* young son, called Qingcong. Some time ago, he went with you Deng Yiniang to offer incense and has returned."

(*TN: It's an outdate way to refer to the concubines of the family, it's the same word for maternal aunt that's used today)

Su Qingcong said with a smile to Su Qingyan, "Hello, Fourth big sister."

Qingyan walked up next to Su Jiashi and smiled at Qingcong, "Qingcong, sure is cute, surely Deng Yiniang is a beauty."

"Big sister is also pretty." Su Qingcong looked to Qingyan, his eyes smiling into a crescent.

Qingyan, seeing Qingcong's appearance, felt a bit happy at heart. She picked up the red bean cake in front of her and placed it in Qingcong's bowl, "Cong'er likes to eat this red bean cake a lot right?"

Qingcong looked at the red bean cake placed in his bowl and ate it. Looking to Qingyan with a mouthful of red bean, he replied, "So good."

"Yunxiang bring the little guy a bowl of porridge." Qingyan looked towards Yunxiang with a smile.

With that said, Yunxiang poured a bowl of porridge from the nearby clay pot and placed it in front of Qingcong. Qingyan, taking a spoonful at a time, blew on it to cool it. That behavior really shocked Su Jiashi, it looked so natural, that it was as if it had been practiced more than a thousand times.

Qingyan didn't notice Su Jiashi's shocked look, instead she placed the cooled porridge in front of Qingcong with a smile, "Cong'er you can now eat your porridge with your red bean cake." She patted his little head as she said this, then placed the red bean cake that was in front of her before him.

Su Qingcong had never received this kind of warmth before, not even from his birth mother Deng Yan. He looked to Qingyan, sniffling, "Fourth big sister is so kind to me."

Perhaps it's because Qingyan was once a mother too, thus towards a child like Qingcong, she felt a bit happy deep down. She watched Qingcong with a face full of smiles, "Then from now on, come by Grandmother's place everyday and I will play with you, how about it."

Su Qingcong earnestly nodded at Qingyan.

"Yan'er, aside from Qingxue, only you would genuinely like this child." Su Jiashi patted Qingcong's head. Even the corner of her eyes were smiling.

Qingyan look towards Su Jiashi with her eyes curled into a smile, "Grandmother, I truly really like Cong'er."

"Grandmother knows, our Yan'er is very kind at heart, not like those ruthless people that try to harm you." She said this as she patted Qingyan's shoulder.

Qingyan listened to Su Jiashi's words, clearly understanding in her heart. Su Jiashi, although was getting older, still could clearly see everything that goes on in the Su residence. Some things, even if Qingyan didn't say, Su Jiashi would obviously still know.

In Qingyan's heart, in this entire Su residence, aside from Su Jiashi, no one was truly close to her. She was just that simple, whoever is kind to her, she will remember, and unfortunately for those who wish her ill, her memory was very good.

After breakfast, Qingyan also chatted with Su Jiashi for awhile. And just when Qingyan was about to turn and leave, Su Qingcong raised his voice, "Big sister, wait, can you teach me how to read and write? Mother said I'm not old enough to enroll in school yet, fifth big sister already enrolled."

Qingyan lifted Qingcong's little hands, "Alright! I heard the lighting in the garden is perfect right now, how about we head there now. I will teach you how to read and write, how about it?"

"Yes!" Su Qingcong happily smiled, but then for unknown reasons his little face drooped, sadly saying, "Will big sister dislike me? Mother says I'm too stupid and even said that I will bring shame to father."

"Silly child, there's an old saying, 'the lake doesn't freeze overnight, and dripping water doesn't penetrate a stone in a day'. You're still young, how could you give up so easily." Qingyan crouched down to face Qingcong with a smile.

Qingcong thought for a moment and nodded at her, afterwards unconsciously clenched his fist.

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